Spending more time in the driver’s seat of your BMW 1100GS, carefully navigating the road ahead is the aim of every 1100GS. This means you need to be properly positioned on your motorcycle to ensure maximum comfort, control and safety when you’re out on the road. Manufactured and developed in the UK, our 1100GS bar risers are specially crafted with your riding comfort in mind. With our risers fitted, you will be aligned correctly on your motorcycle meaning fewer stress injuries, improved control over your motorcycle and more comfort so that you can ride for longer and enjoy more time on the road. 

BMW Pivoting Bar Risers For 28mm Bars 2" Rise Clear Or Black Anodised
moto-cnc pivoting handlebar risers, made in the UK from  Clear Or Black Anodised 6082..
£77.50 Ex Tax: £64.58

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