BMW R1150GS owners are known for loving their motorcycles and with good reason. This tall machine comes with wide handlebars, tyres with excellent grip and top-quality brakes to allow you a safe ride where you are in control. However, to take advantage of all of these features, you need to ensure you are in the correct position in the driver’s seat of your BMW R1150GS. Our bar risers allow you to correct your riding position so you are optimally positioned in the driver’s seat. With more control and comfort, you will avoid injuries, have a more comfortable riding experience and be able to spend more time on your motorcycle.

BMW Pivoting Bar Risers For 28mm Bars 2" Rise Clear Or Black Anodised
moto-cnc pivoting handlebar risers, made in the UK from  Clear Or Black Anodised 6082..
£77.50 Ex Tax: £64.58

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