Less Pain With Our 51mm Streetfighter  Kits

All of our Streetfighter Kits are made by us in the UK to the highest of standards. In particular the Streetfighter 51mm handlebar kits are designed to help you get your handlebars at precisely the right height for your body. Not everyone is the same, our Streetfighter 51mm handlebar kits are designed to be adjustable and can help you find yourperfect riding position this not only increases performance, but also handling and safety whilst on the road. 

Regardless of the motorcycle brand that you ride, being able to reach the handlebars without stretching is of great importance. Moto-CNC Streetfighter handlebar kits are the No1 choice amongst todays riders. With our Streetfighter handlebar kits you can modify your motorcycle at low cost to ensure you ride comfortably.

51mm Superbike Streetfighter Vario Handlebar Riser Kits
Feeling the Aches and Pains when riding? This Street Fighter Kit can help! Simply remove your existi..
£120.00 Ex Tax: £100.00

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