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Tips and Tricks to Make Handlebar Risers Work for Your Bike

03.02.2023 4

One of the great joys of being a biker is the sheer number of customisation options open to you to achieve your perfect ride. We are all unique as riders, with different heights, reaches and other physical attributes. Being in tune with your bike increases safety, comfort an

The Best BMW Café Racers: Ranked

20.12.2022 92

The café racer bike is a style of motorbike that is a popular and timeless classic.

These lightweight, powerful motorcycles have been around for decades and offer the ability to customise the bike to a unique aesthetic, creating an exciting riding experience. Today, manufacturer BMW continu

Top Five Bike Products of 2022

14.12.2022 100

As the year draws to a close, it provides the perfect opportunity to reflect back and appreciate the highlights that made this year so unique. While there were a number of global changes and paradigm shifts that impacted everyone, the world of motorcycling brought many of us together.


The Importance of Adjustable Footpegs

05.12.2022 107

Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating way to experience freedom on the open road. With both power and agility at your fingertips. You can enjoy life with newfound independence. But the importance of proper riding posture, often

5 Must Buy Accessories for a Kawasaki

24.11.2022 127

Much like other manufacturers, every Kawasaki bike is different and it’s important to adapt yours to suit you. At Moto-CNC, we strive to create ergonomic solutions that reflect your riding style and posture, which often involves modifying your bike with the right accessories.

Why do Handlebars Need to be Ergonomically Friendly?

20.10.2022 164

Handlebars play an important role in the comfort and safety of motorcycle riders. They provide support for your arms and hands while riding and they can impact everything from your grip on the handlebars to your positioning and posture on the bike. This can even have serious

How to Make Your Motorcycle Ergonomically Friendly

13.10.2022 181

People ride motorcycles for a variety of reasons. One is for transportation, such as when running errands or commuting. However, riding may also be part of your job, your favourite way to exercise, or your favourite sport or social leisure activity. Many prefer motorcycles be

What Is a Café Racer Motorbike?

30.08.2022 186

As you may already be aware, there are many types of motorbikes in circulation currently. Café Racers are a well-established, retro type of motorcycle, which have once again returned as an integral part of modern biking. The purpose of this blog is to explore Café Racer Bikes, covering their hist

Adjustable Flat Track Triple Clamp Kit

03.02.2020 1068

moto-cnc Flat Track Triple Clamps Designed & Manufactured In The UK In Collaboration With Mike Hill of Survivor Customs
Made From 6082 Aircraft Grade Aluminium....

Suzuki SV650s Top Yoke Conversion Kit

09.01.2020 974

New SV650 straight bar top yoke conversion made and ready for test!! This is a new full ignition surround design which we are looking to roll out over our full range, Making them much...

BMW R1100S Pivoting Bar Riser Kit

17.11.2019 1303

We have just finished testing our new Pivoting Handlebar Risers for the BMW R1100S.  Everything went well, but we decided to add some anti rotation pockets. These will still allow radial pivoting of the Bar Risers....

New Faro Measuring Arm Delivered

13.09.2019 738

We have taken the plunge and bought our first measuring arm. Hopefully this will help us to reverse engineer parts much quicker than our usual methods whilst maintaining better tolerances....

Street Fighter Top Yoke Conversion Kits

02.07.2019 1141

We have been busy using our new Faro Technologies Quantum Arm to reverse engineer some top yokes for our new quality Streetfighter Top Yoke Conversion Kits. First over the line is a GSXR 1000 Yoke with bar risers to....

New Faro Measuring Room Almost Complete

20.05.2019 564

Exciting times at the moment for us here at moto-cnc. Our new measuring room is starting to take place, and will soon be complete and ready for action....

Street Fighter Bar Riser Conversions

07.04.2019 894

Due to many requests from our customers, we have designed and manufactured a range of Street Fighter Bar Riser Conversions. These risers are fantastic value for money, and....

Second Machine Delivered

21.03.2019 628

Another exciting day here at moto-cnc. We have just had our second machine installed and commissioned by Romi UK. Our new D800 with its Siemens 828d will be a great addition to the team....

BMW R1200 GS Bar Risers

19.02.2019 608

We have produced a range of pivoting Bar Risers for the BMW R1200 GS. These fit all ranges of GS, including the 2013 model onwards with 32mm handlebars. These risers will give a extra rise of 2” which makes a massive difference....

New Year Sale

02.01.2019 626

We have decided to start 2019 off with a bang, so we are having a FLASH SALE on all items on our website. Minimum discounts of 20% can be found on all items, so grab a bargain whilst you can....

Suzuki Hayabusa Bar Risers

29.12.2018 1201

Hot off the machine are 6 new sets of Risers to fit the Suzuki Hayabusa. There will be 3 sizes available for both Generations of Busa. Available sizes are 20mm – 28mm – 35mm....

Honda Blackbird Bar Risers

22.12.2018 679

We have just designed and manufactured a nifty set of bar risers for the Honda Blackbird. They give a 20mm rise, which whilst not sounding huge still gives a massive difference to comfort....

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