Adjustable Foot Peg Kits for Owners of Honda CBR1100XX Bikes

The CBR1100XX (Super Blackbird as it was known) was an element of the CBR series of Honda bikes made within the 1996 – 2007 period designed, developed and aimed squarely at being the world’s fastest production motorcycles.

Today, it is still a very popular bike and loved by all of its owners but nevertheless, motorbikes can always be improved no matter how small the modification may be.

Moto-CNC are always on the look-out for ways to help bike owners improve their bikes by manufacturing accessory products that may only be small in part but they do make a huge change in the right direction once they are implemented on the bike.

Individually adjusted foot peg kits are manufactured by Moto-CNC that compliment perfectly with most makes and models of motorcycles and they are designed to increase ride comfort, control and enjoyment at all times.

Moto-CNC foot peg kits can be quickly and easily fitted to your CBR1100XX and they will enable you to find the most comfortable position to allow you to rest your feet at the correct angle to suit your individual body and frame size. No more uncomfortable rides, no more stress, just more enjoyment whilst being out on your bike.

Premium quality materials are used throughout manufacture and we guarantee all foot peg kits to be free from faults during the production stages.

Moto-CNC foot pegs for CBR1100XX machines are built for durability and ensured long term comfort.

More foot peg information available here.

Honda Vario Adjustable Front Foot Peg Kit - Silver, Raw Or Black Anodised H001
These Ultra Precision CNC machined adjustable Footpegs enable full 360° adjustment by way of our 16 ..
£65.00 Ex Tax: £54.17

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