Adjustable Foot Pegs for Honda CBR600 FS Motorcycles

Get the perfect ride position with our carefully crafted foot pegs for the Honda CBR600 FS. When a bike has this much muscle, being in control is paramount – and thanks to these fully adjustable peg kits, you will be.

With 16 different positions to choose from, gone are the days of discomfort and distraction whilst riding. Instead, your feet can rest wherever suits your body and ride style best and you can enjoy every moment on the tarmac without worrying about cramp or fatigue. Indeed, the most you need to worry about is what finish to choose – raw, silver or black anodised premium-grade aluminium.

Whatever you choose, our Honda foot peg kit is designed especially to suit the feisty CBR600 FS, so you can get the most from every track day as well as on practical journeys. The FS is designed as an out-and-out sports bike though, so chances are you’ll be taking it round the circuit, not the car park.  No matter where you go, though, don’t let poor foot positioning ruin your ride – you can fit our fully adjustable pegs in a matter of minutes, and they’re easy to tweak at the roadside with just a couple of tools, so you can play around until you find the perfect set up.

Get your Honda CBR600 FS foot pegs today and see for yourself the difference they make.

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Honda Vario Adjustable Front Foot Peg Kit - Silver, Raw Or Black Anodised H001
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