Triumph 1050 Tiger

Triumph 1050 Tiger foot pegs are the ideal addition to a bike that’s so well-suited to the twists and turns of the tarmac. With a high (830mm) seat, the Tiger could dissuade shorter riders but thanks to our fully adjustable foot peg kits, you can hop on a 1050 Tiger with ease no matter your size. What’s more, you can tweak each foot peg to suit your preferred foot position, ensuring maximum comfort on longer motorway journeys and providing easy access to the pedals in slow traffic.

The 1050 Tiger is Triumph’s reliable road-going model and it’s a popular choice with bikers of all abilities. The minimalist design appeals to many and the responsive nature of the 115bhp engine, offering a top speed of 133mph packs enough punch to keep most riders happy. Great for commuting as well as longer journeys, its potential is enhanced with our specially designed 1050 Tiger foot pegs, which give you a wide range of angles and placements to avoid poor posture and foot fatigue from resting your feet in an unnatural position. The upshot is a focused rider whose attention is on the road ahead, not on discomfort, and that’s only ever a good thing.

Available in three different finishes of raw, silver or black anodised, there’s a Triumph 1050 Tiger foot peg kit to suit every rider, so get yours today and find out the difference it really makes.

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