Foot Peg Kits for Benelli TreK 1130

Why not add the versatility of one of our foot peg kits to your already comfy Benelli TreK 1130?  After all, what could be more perfect than a 16 position foot peg paired with the more upright position and soft suspension of the TreK 1130 from Benelli giving you all the fun and agility that you have come to love from your bike without the discomfort and stress associated with foot pegs that are too cramped or that are too much of a stretch.

The Benelli TreK on Track or Open Road

Whether you are putting your Benelli TreK through its paces at the race track or cruising on the open roads for a weekend away, our adjustable foot pegs mean that you can find the perfect position for your feet whatever style of riding you are doing. Because of their 360 degree adjustment you can quickly and easily raise the height of your foot pegs to give you just the right amount of road clearance if racing is your preferred style or lower them for a more relaxed and comfortable cruise on the open road.

Additional information is available on the main Foot Pegs section here.

Benelli Vario Adjustable Front Foot Peg Kit - Silver, Raw Or Black Anodised S004
These Ultra Precision CNC machined adjustable Footpegs enable full 360° adjustment by way of our 16 ..
£74.99 Ex Tax: £62.49

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