RSV4 1000R for Fully Customizable Foot Peg Positions

Make a statement with your Aprilia RSV 1000R thanks to our specially designed RSV foot pegs. These cleverly sculpted accessories allow you to completely personalise your ride position, offering excellent support and comfort whether you’re on the road or the race track.

The RSV 1000R is a classic Aprilia model, with a narrow, medium seat height, firm suspension that glides across smooth surfaces, and impressive torque even at lower speeds – but it’s not a motorbike for the faint-hearted. With a powerful v-twin engine offering 143bhp, this lean machine offers all the thrills you could wish for. Make sure you’re in control with our quality adjustable foot pegs, designed to keep you comfortable and in prime position to show this bike who’s boss. 

With premium-grade aluminium and 16 different positions to suit any rider’s shape, size or stature, these RSV 1000R foot pegs come in a range of finishes to suit your individual style. More importantly, they provide you with the grip and comfort you need, ensuring your safety at every turn through good body posture and ease of control, meaning your concentration stays on the road, not your toes.

Aprilia Vario Adjustable Front Foot Peg Kit - Silver, Raw Or Black Anodised S004
These Ultra Precision CNC machined adjustable Footpegs enable full 360° adjustment by way of our 16 ..
£74.99 Ex Tax: £62.49

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