Bar Risers for Buell Bikes and Beyond 


Bar risers, often referred to as handlebar risers, are crucial motorcycle accessories designed to heighten and adjust the position of a bike's handlebars, thereby creating a more comfortable and ergonomic riding stance. 

The role of handlebar risers extends beyond comfort, contributing significantly to rider safety. When in an awkward or uncomfortable position, riders experience considerable strain on joints, muscles and tendons. By correcting the riding position, bar risers can help to eliminate this strain, enhancing the overall riding experience and reducing the risk of injuries. 


What is a Bar Riser? 


Buell motorcycles, including the Buell M2 Cyclone, are renowned for their innovative design and exceptional performance. While each Buell motorbike leaves the factory production line with a standard setup, their riders come with endless different heights and builds. 

This is where handlebar risers come into play, offering the ability to customise the bike's handlebar height and position to each rider's preference, ensuring an optimal riding position for enhanced safety and comfort. In particular, Moto-CNC's high-quality handlebar risers can provide significant benefits to Buell riders, improving their control of the motorcycle and making for a safer, more enjoyable ride. 


How Are Bar Risers Made? 


At Moto-CNC, we take great pride in crafting our handlebar risers. Our expert engineers use sophisticated Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines to manufacture each riser from top-grade billet aluminium, a durable yet lightweight material perfectly suited for motorbike components. 

The outcome is a superior-quality handlebar riser designed for strength, flexibility and longevity. Key features include a three-bolt design for additional strength, a CNC machined scale for easy set-up in any position, and an adjustable rise of between 40-70mm. Each riser sports a durable hard black anodised finish, ensuring it not only functions exceptionally but also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your motorcycle. 


About Buell Bar Risers 


Buell's M2 Cyclone bike is adored for its distinct style and impressive capabilities. It’s exactly the kind of machine that benefits from finely tuned, high-quality accessories. For riders of this model, Moto-CNC's bar risers can make a big difference. 

Our Adjustable Handlebar Riser Clip-On Kit is designed to fit bikes with 43mm forks. These handlebar risers improve safety and comfort while out on the road, with multiple adjustment options to help each rider achieve their perfect riding position, providing maximum riding comfort. While the kit's versatility allows it to fit a range of bikes, its potential is fully unleashed when used with Buell motorcycles - especially the M2 Cyclone.

Fully Adjustable Vario Clip On Handlebar Kits for 43mm Forks
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