Quality Bar Risers for FJR1300

FJR1300 Bar Risers

The Yamaha FJR1300 offers riders an incredible driving experience, and it is important to ensure that your ride is as safe and comfortable as possible. FJR1300 bar risers will help you to optimise your comfort, reduce injury and allow you to get the best performance from your motorcycle. This sporty bike from Yamaha offers a lot of style but it isn’t built  to be one a size fits all solution. Modifications and customisations to fit your need are essential for ultimate comfort and safety.

These days there are more and more options for spacing and risers for your bike, regardless of the make or model you ride. FJR1300 bar risers allow you to modify your motorcycle to it more responsive to your riding style and body shape. If you can ride in a better position you will be more alert, have better reaction time, and also be more comfortable so that you can enjoy the ride. 

FJR1300 Bar Risers Mean Less Pain and Discomfort

One of the biggest complaints from riders of any model or style of bike is the discomfort and pain they have, especially after longer rides. A lot of this can be attributed to your seating position relative to the handlebars and your general posture. If you are not able to properly reach your handlebars, your body will contort and be under unnecessary strain which can lead to injuries over time.

Having the right FJR1300 bar risers installed will change everything. The perfect set of risers should align your reach with the handlebars correctly, will ensuring a more comfortable ride. By correcting your posture, you will be in a better riding position, alleviating pressure on your lower back, neck, shoulders and wrists.

 Bar Risers Make Riding Safer

It is important to keep safety in mind while you are out on the road, as the smallest mistake can have major consequences. Having the right FJR1300 bar risers fitted allows you to maintain proper positioning to give you more control and better handling. There will be no pain to distract you, and your line of vision will be centred, where it is supposed to be. A proper sitting position gives you the confidence to perform with confidence when you’re riding, knowing you are safely in control of your motorcycle.

Stress-Free Riding

 Motorcycle riders will be familiar with the vibrations that often accompany taking to the road. While a certain level of vibration is to be expected, if the vibrations are particularly rough, this can put a lot of stress on your hands and arms. Some bar risers are built to double as shock-absorbers and can be very helpful in minimising the constant impact of the vibrations on your riding. Less stress on your arms will let relax and have a more enjoyable time on the road.

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