R1100S Pivoting Bar Risers

R1100S Bar Risers

BMW’s bikes are known for their quality, and the R1100S bar risers make them even better. At Moto-CNC, we have designed and manufactured the R1100S bar risers to provide our customers with a better riding experience. If you want to experience the benefits of a more relaxed posture, fewer strains and stresses while riding, and better overall handling, then these bar risers are a must.

More Relaxed Posture

While factory models of R1100S bikes provide a satisfactory positioning for some, it is common for riders to feel some discomfort with the default handlebars and grips on their bikes. Driving a motorcycle needs to be an enjoyable experience, and there is no need to suffer from poor positioning.

A more natural and relaxed posture on the bike means that you will be able to ride in comfort for hours. And, with the right bar risers, you can have a more natural posture and hand positioning on your bike. Best of all, the R1100S bar riser requires only a minor modification to your bike. You can glean the benefits of a better riding experience without dramatically altering the way your bike is set up.

Prevent Avoidable Injuries

Ergonomics has not been a topic of conversation for serious motorcyclists in the past. However, this taboo is rapidly changing. If you consider back and wrist pain to be a regular part of the motorcycle experience, then bar risers are a must.

The R1100S bar risers provide an ideal handlebar height that will compliment your riding position. Installing it on your bike with appropriate handlebars will significantly reduce minor strains and stresses on your joints, reducing your chances of succumbing to an avoidable injury.

Handle Your Bike With Ease

With better posture and less strain on your joints, you will also be able to handle your bike more easily. Without the need to worry about your body position or grip, you will have more control over your bike and notice greater responsiveness.

If you are concerned that adding risers will dramatically change the way that your bike looks, then do not worry. Our team specialises in carefully considering the overall performance and aesthetic of each component we make.

Superior Craftsmanship And Expertise

The team at Moto-CNC is proud to provide our customers with a wide range of bar risers and other motorcycle components. Each of these components is made in the UK using the latest CNC engineering technology and the best materials. Using our 3D Cad-Cam design system, we bring design ideas to life, right down to the most precise detail.

The R1100S bar risers are made from aircraft-grade aluminium and built with anti-bar rotation pockets. These qualities make the bar risers highly durable and practical for your high-performance motorcycle. These bar risers are CNC machined by our professional machinists who apply the finest craftsmanship to each component in our shop.

R1100S Bar Risers – Buy Now, Get Tomorrow!

If you own a BMW motorcycle, then the R1100S bar risers are an essential addition to your setup. The benefits of having a more ergonomic handlebar configuration must be experienced to be appreciated. Get in touch with a member of our team at Moto-CNC today to learn more about the R1100S bar risers and what they will do for your overall riding comfort and experience.

BMW R1100S Handlebar Risers
BMW R1100s PIVOTING BAR BACKS  Designed & Manufactured In The UK. Made From 6082 ..
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