Improve Your Handling With Our Triumph Speed/Street Bar Risers

For anyone who rides on a regular basis, handling is a major thing to factor in how your motorcycle performs. With our Triumph Speed/Street bar risers, you can adjust how your seating position to ensure you are correctly aligned, giving you the best possible control of your motorbike. This one customisation will make a major difference for the new and experienced rider, alike. As everyone has a different build and body type, it’s important to make some adjustments to ensure you are comfortable and in control. We proudly make our Triumph Speed/Street bar risers right in the UK at our state-of-the-art facility.

The Triumph Speed/Street is a British motorcycle that first entered production in 2006, as a streetfighter style bike. This streetfighter came equipped with a 675cc three-stroke engine that was liquid-cooled. The Triumph Speed/Street has been used on various championship circuits, and it remains a popular choice with motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere.

TRIUMPH Speed-Street (2008-2017) Bar Risers 2" Rise Clear Or Black Anodised
moto-cnc pivoting handle bar riser conversion, made in the UK from Clear Or Black Anodised 6082..
£77.50 Ex Tax: £64.58

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