Stay Steady With Our Triumph Sprint GT Bar Risers

When you are riding a bike with a 1000 plus cc engine, you will want to have the best handling that you possibly can. Our Triumph Sprint GT bar risers aren’t just going to allow you to sit more comfortably, they will help you to keep better control of the motorbike, so you can ride safely and confidently. With our Triumph Sprint GT bar risers, you can adjust your handlebar position so that you are in the perfect position to have precise control and perform better in the driver’s seat.

In 2010 the Triumph Sprint GT, r Grand Touring, was released by the British motorcycle manufacturer to a lot of excitement in the motorcycle world. This bike was a revised version of the Sprint ST, with changes to the 1050 cubic centimetre engine that provides the bike with even greater horsepower and torque. The Triumph Sprint GT is a bike for the faint of heart, as it can get you moving very fast very quickly.

Triumph Sprint GT Handlebar Risers
There's no need to settle for anything but the best when it comes to your handlebars. Our handlebar ..
£80.00 Ex Tax: £66.67

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