Improve Your Riding Experience With Our Triumph Tiger 800 Bar Risers

The handlebars of your motorcycle are not always in the optimal position by default. With our Triumph Tiger 800 bar risers, you can easily adjust the height of your handlebars so you can reach them easier from your position in the saddle. Our Triumph Tiger 800 bar risers are essential for anyone riding their bike for longer periods of time, as want to ensure you are comfortable as possible to prevent any extra stress on your body from being in the wrong position on your motorcycle. Being in the optimal position will ensure you have more control over your vehicle whether you are on longer or shorter rides.

In 2010 the Triumph Tiger 800 was launched in the dual-sport bike market with a lot of expectation from motorcycle enthusiasts and it did not fail to deliver. This mid-sized motorcycle set out to compete with the other dual-sport bikes at the time and really impressed fans and critics alike. The Triumph Tiger 800 comes with a 799 cubic centimetre inline-3, 12-valve engine and is capable of reaching a max speed of just over 130 miles per hour.

.TRIUMPH TIGER 800 Bar Risers 20mm Rise
moto-cnc handle bar riser conversion, made in the UK from Clear Anodised 6082 Billet Aluminium to ex..
£45.00 Ex Tax: £37.50

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