KTM Bar Risers

KTM is known for its excellent craftsmanship when it comes to motorcycles, but, at Moto-CNC, we have raised the bar. Our KTM bar risers are perfect for those riders who want a more ergonomic riding experience. These bar risers allow riders to adjust their handlebars to fit a more natural position.

Sitting more naturally on the bike and gripping your motorcycle more neutrally comes with a host of benefits and makes riding far more enjoyable.

Ride In Style

No motorcycle rider looks stylish when they are awkwardly holding their bike. With KTM bar risers, you can grip and position yourself on your bike more naturally. With your body placement more ergonomically aligned with your bike, you will not only feel better while riding, but you will look better too.

Think About Comfort

KTM bar risers allow you to ride more comfortably. With the right handlebars, you can forget about the strains and stresses on your joints that result from awkwardly positioned grips. When you remove these stresses, you reduce your chances of acquiring a more painful and more severe condition.

Consider your overall comfort on the bike and make sure that your body will take it for the long term. There is no need to injure yourself just to be able to ride your favourite bike. With ergonomic KTM bar risers, you can convert your existing KTM bike to reduce the stress on your body and ride for more extended periods without stopping.

Experience Improved Safety On The Road

Having a more natural grip on your bike improves your well-being in other ways. In fact, it translates directly into a safer riding experience. Improved posture on the bike will provide you with greater control on the road. With better responsiveness, you will be able to corner with ease and reduce your chances of being involved in an accident.

Precision Engineering From Expert Machinists

Our team at Moto-CNC uses the latest in precision design technology to create a great finished product every time. All of our bar risers are made in the UK. Our expert machinists apply superior craftsmanship and care to each motorcycle component that we manufacture. And, we have invested in a 3D Cad-Cam design system, which assists us in creating results that precisely match with our meticulous design work. With years of experience in the automotive and Formula 1 industries, we take pride in making motorcycle riding a better experience for everyone.

KTM Bar Risers – Buy Now, Get Tomorrow!

Our KTM bar risers are an essential addition to any KTM motorcycle. Since they make your riding experience more ergonomic and much safer, these bar risers are well worth the investment. Moto-CNC will be happy to help you explore your options for bar risers and handlebar configuration to help you optimise your bike. Get in touch with a friendly member of our team today to learn more about our KTM bar risers and what they will do for your bike.

KTM 1190 Adventure Bar Risers For 28mm Bars 2" Rise Clear Or Black Anodised
moto-cnc pivoting handle bar riser conversion, made in the UK from Clear Or Black  Anodised 608..
£75.00 Ex Tax: £62.50
Ø 22 mm Barback Handlebar Risers - (Not Brand Specific Not Model Specific) - Silver Or Black Anodised
Having trouble reaching your handlebars comfortably? Our Bar Back conversion may be the answer. Our ..
£54.00 Ex Tax: £45.00

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