Pegaso 650 Bar Risers

With a commanding upright seating position, the stylish Aprilia Pegaso 650 is an incredible piece of Italian motorcycle engineering. To enjoy this motorcycle to its fullest, it’s important that you have the best seating position so that you avoid over-reaching or being in a hunched position. Our Pegaso 650 Bar Risers are developed and manufactured right here in the UK and ensure you are in the optimum position on your bike to stay in full control, ride safely and enjoy the high-performance ride your Aprilia Pegaso 650 is capable of.

Ø 22 mm Barback Handlebar Risers - (Not Brand Specific Not Model Specific) - Silver Or Black Anodised
Having trouble reaching your handlebars comfortably? Our Bar Back conversion may be the answer. Our ..
£54.00 Ex Tax: £45.00

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