Pegaso 650 Factory Bar Risers

To ensure you get the best performance possible from your Aprilia Pegaso 650 Factory, you need to consider your riding position. Being correctly aligned on your motorcycle allows you to be more comfortable, avoid over-reaching or hunching and have more control over your motorcycle. Our Pegaso 650 Factory Bar Risers allow you to adjust your handlebars so they are in the optimum position for your unique body shape. Sitting in the optimum position, you can ride your Aprilia Pegaso 650 Factory with confidence and truly enjoy your time in the driver’s seat.

Ø 22 mm Barback Handlebar Risers - (Not Brand Specific Not Model Specific) - Silver Or Black Anodised
Having trouble reaching your handlebars comfortably? Our Bar Back conversion may be the answer. Our ..
£54.00 Ex Tax: £45.00

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