RSV 1000 Tuono Handlebar Risers

As an essential part of your Aprilia RSV 1000 Tuono motorcycle, bar risers are crucial in ensuring maximum comfort and control when you’re out on the road. Manufactured and developed in the UK with expert craftsmanship, our RSV 1000 Tuono handlebar risers are specially designed to improve your positioning on your motorbike so you are aligned correctly with your Tuono. Being in the correct position in the driver’s seat allows you to have more control over your motorcycle and have a safer, more enjoyable time on the road. 

Ø 22 mm Barback Handlebar Risers - (Not Brand Specific Not Model Specific) - Silver Or Black Anodised
Having trouble reaching your handlebars comfortably? Our Bar Back conversion may be the answer. Our ..
£54.00 Ex Tax: £45.00

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