35mm Fork Kits

At Moto-CNC we have the experience and expertise required to manufacture the very best motorcycle accessories, including our 35mm fork kits. The fork of your motorcycle is extremely important, as it connects the front wheel and axle to the frame. Typically the fork incorporates the front brake and suspension, and they play a big role in how the bike will handle and ride. 

When you purchase a bike from the factory, or even an older used one, chances are that the fork will require some adjustment to make it more comfortable for you. Our 35mm fork kits are the perfect solution to help you set the fork in the perfect spot for comfort and safety. Nothing can ruin a ride faster than being uncomfortable, so ensuring that your fork is set properly for your unique riding style is essential. 

35mm Fork Kits Will Make Your Ride Safer 

Safety should always be the number one priority of any motorcycle rider; for both the rider and everyone else on the road. When your motorcycle is not setup correctly to put you in an optimal position that allows for comfortable riding, it can cause a number of issues. As the fork holds both the front brake and suspension, it is a must that it is properly positioned so the suspension does its job, the brakes work as intended when applied and your handlebars are at the right height

When you are properly seated on your motorcycle, you can avoid injury and fatigue that are often associated with hunching or overreaching, giving you more control when you’re out on the roads. Improved control means a much safer experience overall and will help you to handle your motorcycle with more confidence, whether you are going on short or longer rides.

Less Strain and Pain 

If you go for a ride on your motorcycle with a less than optimal setup, it won’t take long for you to notice issues in your body. When you are in the wrong position, you will be reaching, stretching, and putting pressure on different parts of your body. This is going to make for a miserable ride, and has the potential to distract the rider from the road ahead. 35mm fork kits give you the freedom to customize your position in the driver’s seat, you can ensure that you are riding as comfortably and safely as possible at all times.  

35mm Fork Kits – Buy Now, Get Tomorrow!

Here Moto-CNC, we have been involved in the motorcycle industry for more than twenty-five years and we are truly passionate about what we do. We understand how important it is that your motorcycle is comfortable and safe on the road. To enhance your riding experience, be sure to get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team of experts to learn more about our 35mm fork kits and to order yours today. Installing 35mm fork kits on your motorcycle will help you to take your riding to the next level, allowing you to stay comfortable and in control when you’re in the driving seat.

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