Enhance Your Riding Comfort With Honda VRF800 Not Vtec Bar Risers

Without Honda VFR800 Not Vtec bar risers fitted you likely will not be sitting properly on your bike. This could be causing extra fatigue on your body, which can lead to injuries over time and also affect your overall riding performance. Every person is a little different but with Honda VFR800 Not Vtec bar risers fitted, you can ensure that you are in the optimum position to handle your motorcycle safely. Made right here in the UK, our Honda VFR800 Not Vtec bar risers will help to enhance your riding comfort allowing you to ride with more confidence.  

 The Honda VFR800 Not Vtec was the first in a series of VFR800 bikes from Honda built for racing and came from a long line of great sportbikes. While from the sixth generation models onwards Vtec technology featured in their engines, the Honda VFR800 Not Vtec came out in 1998 and still had a completely redesigned four-stroke engine, a new type of braking system, and was considered a great choice for those looking for a new riding experience.

Honda Bar Risers VFR800 -(NOT VTEC) -FOR 41mm Forks Clear Or Black Anodised
moto-cnc handle bar riser conversions, made in the UK from Clear Or Black Anodised 6082 Billet Alumi..
£60.00 Ex Tax: £50.00

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