Get More Comfortable with SportCity 300 Adjustable Foot Pegs

Aprilia’s SportCity 300 is nippy, agile and reliable, and despite the 298cc engine it’s the perfect choice for tight city streets, offering great acceleration and more torque than previous models. The lighter weight also means improved handling, and a medium seat height allows most riders to sit comfortably.

However, like many motorbikes it struggles to ensure that the foot peg placement is suitable for everyone, and the distraction caused by uncomfortable ride and foot position can cause real safety concerns, as well as affecting control and confidence. That’s why we’ve created our SportCity 300 adjustable foot peg kits, suitable for any SportCity 300 bike, and offering 16 different peg positions so you really can customise them to your exact liking. No matter your build, height or preferred ride style, these foot pegs will make any journey on your SportCity comfortable.

With an easy-to-install design and simple adjustments that can be made at the roadside, you can simply attach your foot pegs and ride away, adapting them as you go until they’re the perfect fit for your foot and leg angle. Keep your concentration where it belongs; on the road, and on the fantastic feel of your bike – not on your feet with our high-grade aluminium SportCity 300 foot pegs.

Aprilia Vario Adjustable Front Foot Peg Kit - Silver, Raw Or Black Anodised S004
These Ultra Precision CNC machined adjustable Footpegs enable full 360° adjustment by way of our 16 ..
£74.99 Ex Tax: £62.49

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