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moto-cnc was founded way back in 2009. After more than 25 years working in the Automotive, Formula 1 and Aerospace sectors, we decided it was time we started making our own products. Sadly, after 2 years of developing and manufacturing motorcycle parts, due to other work commitments moto-cnc was put on hold ... but now we are back doing what we love.

2019 has saw big changes at moto-cnc. Firstly we have invested in a new 3d Cad-Cam design system, allowing us a better understanding of part assemblies and 3d modelling capabilities. We also invested in 2 brand new Romi cnc machines, to bring 100% of manufacturing in house. This allows us to control quality and Lead Times.

2020 has brought in new reverse engineering possibilities, by utilising our brand new Faro Technologies Quantum Arm, we are able to produce highly accurate 3d models from customers oem bike parts, and re-design these to a much higher specification, in our state of the art workshop.

The biggest benefit of purchasing moto-cnc products is the design and ergonomic comfort. By enabling riders to place their arms and hands in more natural positions, they reduce the stress on riders' bodies, and this allows for longer periods without stopping due to pain. Risers and Yoke conversions can also help to eliminate the pain felt by riders who are otherwise forced to ride hunched over. This improved posture not only helps with the rider's comfort, it also helps with road safety, as the improved posture and ergonomics translate directly to more control on the road. The more control a rider has, the less likely he or she is to have an accident, and everyone is much safer.

moto-cnc products are designed and manufactured in the UK, using the latest Engineering Technology and the best Materials, Hardware, Surface Treatments and Craftmanship, and unlike many other UK sellers, we stock all of our parts ready for immediate dispatch!

We believe we produce the best quality ergonomic parts in the UK, at a price that is almost impossible to beat.

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