38mm Fork Kits

Many motorbike enthusiasts regularly report that they don’t get the performance they expect from their motorcycle. Oftentimes, this is due to being seated in the wrong position, which can lead to poor handling, performance and a less than ideal ride overall. Installing our expertly-crafted 38mm fork kits will help you to set the handlebars to the optimal position for your body shape and size, ensuring better control, improved comfort and allowing you to get the best performance possible from your motorbike moving forward.
Here at Moto-CNC, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality motorcycle accessories for our customers. All of our products are produced in the UK using the best materials available to ensure durable, high-performance results. Our 38mm fork kits have been designed and manufactured using our groundbreaking 3D Cad-Com design system to create a finished product that is truly designed with performance, safety and comfort in mind.

Enjoy Improved Performance 

The stock positioning for motorbikes fresh out of the factory is not always comfortable, as they are designed for the “average” person and not specifically for your body type. To ride your motorcycle comfortably and to get the best performance possible, you need your handlebars to be positioned to fit your natural posture. Failing to set your motorbike up correctly will result in you overreaching or riding in a hunched position, which will cause pain and discomfort when you're in the driver’s seat. 
The wrong setup will vastly decrease the performance and handling of your bike. However, by simply installing our 38mm fork kits, you can easily change the positioning of the handlebars to best suit your body shape, ensuring your motorbike performs at the highest possible level, allowing you to get the maximum benefit from your motorcycle when you're out on the road.

High Quality 38mm Fork Kits

At Moto-CNC, our 38mm fork kits are designed and manufactured using the very latest in engineering technology and the highest quality materials. Our 38mm fork kits are made from high strength aluminium to ensure that they are durable, robust and long-lasting. With the best craftsmanship, hardware, and surface treatments, you can be sure that you are always buying a quality fork kit that will improve your riding experience when you’re dealing with Moto-CNC.  
With more than twenty-five years of experience in the motorcycle industry, we know how to improve performance and encourage comfort when riding. Not only is being comfortable necessary to reduce pain and fatigue, but it will also improve your overall safety on the road. With improved control and more focus on the road, you will make fewer mistakes, and stay as safe as possible, regardless of how long you are in the driver’s seat.

38mm Fork Kits – Buy Today, Get Tomorrow!

Get in touch with our knowledgeable team at Moto-CNC to find out more about our expertly designed and manufactured 38mm fork kits. Adding our 38mm fork kits to your motorcycle setup, you can be sure that you’ll be riding comfortably in no time. 

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