Aprilla Bar Risers

High-performance motorcycles usually come out of the factory with a reasonable configuration, but, with Aprilla Bar Risers, you can customise your ride exactly the way you want. One of the biggest sticking points with riders who have had a motorcycle for a while is the non-ergonomic arrangement of their handlebars. Sitting uncomfortably on your bike can lead to big problems both on and off the road.

At Moto-CNC, our goal is to make components that allow you to have the best possible riding experience. We use the latest engineering technology and the best materials, hardware, surface treatments and craftsmanship to deliver a great product to every customer. And, with Aprilla bar risers, you will be able to adjust your handlebars to the precise level and configuration to meet your needs.

More Comfort On The Bike

Rather than shrugging off the discomfort and aches that arise from poorly positioned handlebars, it is important to be proactive. Investing in bar risers allows you to ergonomically adjust your bike’s handlebars to better suit your riding position. This helps you to have a more natural grip on the bike and dramatically reduces the amount of strain that riding puts on your joints.

If you want to experience the difference and enjoy a more comfortable position on your motorcycle, then invest in Aprilla bar risers to try it out!

More Safety On The Roads

Motorcycling carries more risks than driving around in other vehicles. Even when your ride with an appropriate awareness of your surroundings, your safety relies heavily on the responsiveness of your bike.

With the right-hand positioning and a neutral grip, you will find that you can control your bike much more efficiently. With your hands resting comfortably on the handlebars, you will be able to take corners and handle your bike with ease. Rather than struggling with painful joints that can distract you from conditions on the road, you will be able to keep your concentration on your environment.

More Riding In Style

Aprilla bar risers help you find a more comfortable position to grip your bike. And when you are more comfortable, you look more relaxed and, well, stylish. Part of motorcycling is riding around in style, and you do not want to ride with a posture that is too stiff or too uncomfortable.

Built For Performance

Moto-CNC designs and manufactures all of our Aprilla bar risers in the UK. Our team uses only the most durable materials to produce high-quality motorcycle components that are built for performance and built to last. To ensure precision quality in each component we make, our machinists use a 3D Cad-Cam design system. With our expertise in the motorcycle industry, we stand by our work and are always happy to apply our expertise in making riding a more enjoyable, comfortable, and safe experience.

Aprilla Bar Risers – Buy Now, Get Tomorrow!

Aprilia Futura Bar Risers (All Years)  20mm rise.
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£62.40 Ex Tax: £52.00
Ø 22 mm Barback Handlebar Risers - (Not Brand Specific Not Model Specific) - Silver Or Black Anodised
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£54.00 Ex Tax: £45.00

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