Monster Bar Risers

Upgrading your Ducati motorcycle with Monster bar risers is an investment that brings many benefits. From improved performance to enhanced riding comfort, you will be sure to notice the difference. Whether you are a new rider or an experienced pro, Monster bar risers will bring your riding experience to the next level.

At Moto-CNC, our team knows that every motorcycle is different. There is never a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to configuring a bike, and we will steer you in the right direction to find the ideal components for you. The Monster bar risers that we provide are made using the latest engineering technology, and from the best materials, hardware, surface treatments, and craftsmanship.

Ride Smoother

While all motorcycles are different, handling a high-performance machine is often made more difficult by suboptimal riding positions. With Monster bar risers, however, you can adjust your handlebars and your grip to have more control over your bike. More comfortable steering and handling will help you navigate corners with ease. Especially for newer riders who are just learning how to handle their first performance motorcycle, it is helpful to make the process easier on yourself by configuring your bike correctly.

Ride Safer

With better handling comes a more safe and secure riding experience. Simply being able to sit properly and with a balanced grip will give you greater confidence in your riding ability. This confidence translates directly into a lower risk of accidents and peace of mind when you are out on the road.

Ride Comfortably

Many riders deal with sore wrists and muscles, especially after long rides. Often, this stems from suboptimal positioning on the motorcycle. By sitting more naturally and gripping the bike with a natural grip with the help of Monster bar risers, you can avoid these strains and stresses. You will be able to ride for hours without feeling that familiar discomfort in your joints. Over the long-term, you will be able to ward off injuries that may prevent you from riding altogether.

Ride In Style

Monster bar risers also allow you to change up your handlebars and overall setup to look exactly how you want it to look. Factory models are often stylish and well-built. However, motorcycling is all about making a statement. Changing your setup to reflect your preferences will help you create a bike that is truly your own.

Monster Bar Risers – Buy Now, Get Tomorrow!

The team at Moto-CNC is proud to have helped many satisfied customers with their motorcycles throughout the years. We specialise in providing high-quality motorcycle components, designed and made in the UK, for those who love their bikes as much as we do. We have recently invested in a 3D Cad-Cam design system to provide greater quality control and attention to detail in our finished products.

Get in touch with a member of the Moto-CNC team today to learn more about Monster bar risers and how they will enhance your riding experience.

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